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Guided tours

Walk with me

If you want to spend some quality time with your camera, why not combine a course with your next holiday? A photo tour is designed to take you to a great location at the best time of year and get you to the right places for the best light. A photo tour will maximize the photographic opportunities with lot of instruction along the way, and increase your chances of bringing home extraordinary images from Barcelona. Walk with me tour is half day walking tour on Old town of Barcelona. You will see beautiful panoramas of the city, narrow streets, cathedral, marina, beach and hidden places.


Daily tour

Old city of Barcelona is prime destination for photographer who are visiting Spain, and first part of this one day photo tour we will spend there. But, Barcelona have so much to offer except old city. During this all day photo tour we will also visit most visited Barceloneta and marina. Beautiful panoramas, nature and architecture are focus of this daily tour.



I came into this course knowing only to shoot on Auto now I never use Auto. After learning so much and doing the amazing assignments I feel so much more confident to pursue my career. The course has given me a realistic confidence and knowledge base to start producing professional quality photography.

Katarina Gobeljic

"Just completed Aleks Beginners Photography Workshop and it was awesome! He is such a great teacher. I used to be nervous about taking my camera off Auto, and now I'm loving using the different shoot modes and settings to create the effects I want. Great learning experience - thank you! Excellent workshop, excellent teacher – very inspirational!"

Lorena Recimil

Aleks offered me the chance to realize a goal and dream that I have had since I was a little boy, to become a Photographer. My work was always critiqued in a non threatening way. The course has been challenging and it has been a joy to work through each class. My pictures on the screen started to reflect the ones I imagined. It was so much fun! Thank you very much Aleks for helping me to realize my dream. You have been a star.

Wish you the best,
Sergio Dalma