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Hire me - For video

I remember my first steps in video. That was old VHS camcorder, video recorder and player. In mid "80 that was state of the art technology. Combining technology and creativity, I start to produce my firs videos. Technology was changing during years so as my knowledge about video. Becoming professional, I start to produce commercial videos, advertise, educational video, wedding videos, musical and fashion videos, But, I never turn back on video art witch is my passion. I was teaching video in Metropolitan University and I also lecturing private lessons I field of video.

Some of my projects

From idea to realisation

All of this projects listed below, I did like one man show, from idea, script, planning, shooting, light, audio, motion graphics, color grading to exporting for different media. Idea is always most important, so I always put focus on that. When I have whole concept, firs I make storyboard and then start production. To produce this video content I was using ENG video cameras, Canon DSLR cameras with set of wide, normal and telephoto lenses. Audio is recorded on external audio recorders with lavaliers and shotgun microphones. Lighting was LED, halogen or Kino flo lights with warriors defuses and reflectors. For camera moves are achieved with fly-cam stabilizer, slider, gib and video tripod. At the end, I am was editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, color grading and exporting.

Self presentations


In those few videos I was trying to present my studio, equipment and workflow. You can see just a bit of my tools. Technology is changing so fast, that I changed some of tools are already. If you have knowledge and experience you can use any tool. Workflow is always the same. Video are on Serbian language, so please turn on auto subtitle.

Art projects

Experiments with video

Experimental video like art form was always ben my passion. From birth of art video till today, video change many forms and fazes. Today, video is one of leading art form an in year to come it will be even more popular media. In my lessons, during teaching in field of video, I am putting special attention on this subject. My MA final work at university was interactive video project. Video presentation with textual explanation are core of conceptual art.

Education and promotional videos

Metropolitan University

Special pleasure to me is to teach young generation about video, video art and production. Teaching on Metropolitan University for six years was life changing experience for me. I am continuing to give private lessons, workshops, seminars and courses. In videos down, you can see me with my student, in studio or on the field. Also, there are some show reals of my student. I was mentor to them. But, most of video are my presentational video for Metropolitan University. In that six years I was produced more than 200 presentational or commercial video. Some of those video was shown on TV and some was produce only for internet.