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Private lessons

Best way to learn

Different people learn in different ways. For some, reading books, searching online tutorials and watching training videos works well. Others need a more interactive experience to learn effectively.

I am passionate about photography education and truly want you to become a better photographer. So, I'm very happy to be adding private lessons as a service. My private photography lessons are exactly that – personal, one-on-one lessons. You'll be able to ask me questions live on the spot and get immediate feedback. I also offer private online lessons, too.

About lessons

How does it work?

When you're ready to setup a lesson with me, here's what happens: You will explain what you want to learn more about. Together, we will craft lessons around your needs, and set a date & time for our lesson. If we are meeting for an in-person lesson, we will set a meeting place, too. Lesson time! We meet in person or connect via Skype, learn a bunch and have fun. I will do my absolute best to teach you as much as possible during our time together. I want you to get the most value for your time and money.

What will I learn?

For in-person lessons, your lesson can be anything from field work, operating your camera, focusing techniques, filters, reading and interpreting a scene, composition, asset management, post processing - and everything in between. Online lessons are no different. Virtual learning is truly a wonder of our modern age. Never before has it been easier to directly connect teachers and students anywhere on the globe. You will need DSLR camera, lens and you are ready to go.

About your gear

You’ll be required to bring a digital SLR or professional compact camera with full manual exposure to this workshop. If at the moment you don’t own a suitable camera I am happy to give you one for the workshop – please just let me know in advance if you are going to need equipment.