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Landscape Photography Workshop


If you have a passion for landscape photography and want to develop essential skills this workshop is perfect. You do not have to travel to exotic and faraway destinations since the beautiful nature is all around us and we can find great landscape captures everywhere.Armed with your camera we’ll go to the location which you wish or you can leave it up to me to show you the best location of my choice.

In a natural environment, you’ll get a hands-on experience of observing and photographing beautiful nature and capturing great moments. You will learn from professional photographer with years of experience, and with great level of teaching and at the end you will have amazing photos.

On completing this one day workshop you will feel much more confident capturing landscape scenes and natural environment that is around us. We love for our students to stay in contact with us and discuss if they have any problems or questions after their course.

What do I need

First of all you will need some basic knowledge of camera settings including aperture, shutter speed, lenses and exposure modes. If you’re not sure it is preferable to take my Beginners course.

For this Landscape Photography Workshop you need a digital SLR camera or a compact camera with full manual exposure and preferably telephoto lens not obligation. If you don’t own a camera you can still take part in the workshop. Simply notify me before the date and you can hire on of mine cameras with lenses free of charge.

What will I learn

The Landscape Photography Course will follow these course topics:

Light – how to make the most of natural lighting and create strong contrast and dramatic images. You will understand what camera settings should be selected for taking landscapes.

Camera settings – get tips with the camera settings for this type of photography, including depth of field, perspective and focusing techniques. You will understand what camera settings should be selected for taking landscapes.

Composition- You will gain the ability to find subjects and scenes worthy of photographing and to learn to master composition and compose better photographs.