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Lightroom workshop

Lightroom for Photographers

This workshop will teach you how to transfer, select, organize and catalog, edit, enhance, optimize and backup your photographs and how to make them remarkable. This workflow workshop applies to Lightroom any other similar software.

About Lightroom workshop

Is this course for me?

The Lightroom for Photographers workshop is ideal for photographers of all skill levels who want to improve the quality of their images. You’ll be introduced to the ‘image workflow’ which involves finishing your images digitally after uploading them. You will also learn how to use retouching and editing techniques which can really transform your work. You don’t need any knowledge of Photoshop before taking part in this workshop, as it is designed for all skill levels. However it does help if you have a basic knowledge of photography techniques, and if you wish you can bring along some of your own work to edit.

What will I learn?

About your gear

  • Image management – learn how to transfer, select, organize, catalog and back up your photographs during upload to make finding a photograph and editing processes simple and effective.
  • File types – learn the difference between RAW, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. and when to use them.
  • Image optimization – understand how to optimize images for different purposes, online use or printing.
  • Image compression – discuss compression in depth so you understand how to do make your images very light without compromising their sharpness.
  • Brushes and tools – explore the many different tools of Photoshop including healing, cropping, and contrast and luminosity.
  • Black and white conversion – learn how to convert your images to monochrome.
  • Watermark – we’ll show you how to watermark your images with your name or brand.
  • Editing software explained in depth: Lightroom.