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Speedlite Photography Workshop


Release and improve your flashgun’s potential during this workshop. You will learn how to take amazing shots in manual mode and develop your skills to be able to use two, three or more speedlites at once. This workshop is perfect for one who go towards being portrait photographers of all abilities and who want to improve and develop their skills. During this outdoors workshop, you’ll learn how to develop the potential of your flashgun on location, with the use of a professional model. Once you’ve mastered one speedlite you’ll be able to move on to two and even three or more, to create dramatic and dynamic images valuable for your professional portfolio.

What will I need

What you need is a basic knowledge and knowing basic essentials of camera settings including aperture, shutter speed, camera lenses and ISO including exposure modes. If you’re a new to photography but would still like to take part in this workshop, we recommend completing one of Beginner Courses first.

Participants will also need to use a digital SLR camera or a professional compact camera with manual exposure.If you don’t own a suitable camera, it is not a problem as you can hire one off mine on the day of your course. Please let me know in advance if you need to borrow my equipment so I can make sure I have it ready for you.

What will I learn?

About your gear

  • An introduction to the speedlite – features will be explained in depth including power, settings, capacity, and exposure modes.
  • Brands and models – take a look at different types of speedlites and flashguns.
  • Technical aspects – get to grips with your camera settings in depth, including the light meter and metering modes.
  • Speedlite accessories – learn about a variety of accessories including shapers, modifiers, triggers and stands.
  • DIY –how to build your own budget shapers and modifiers.
  • Working with a model – develop the skills needed such as composition, posing, communication and direction.
  • Lighting techniques and styles – explore the different set ups in speedlite photography including low key and high key.

  • You are welcome to bring your own speedlite and equipment for the workshop, but again I am happy to provide these for all participants. I will bring a number of speedlites for the set up, and also provide radio wireless flash triggers.