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Workshop in Studio


Studio Lighting and techniques

Whether you are into creative exploring of studio photography or into making a perfect shot, this workshop before all will teach you when to use a studio and why. Part of the learning process also will be understanding the range of technology needed to create the perfect shot. You’ll also explore different backgrounds and props to improve and develop your creativity in the studio. This workshop is ideal for photographers who want to develop more their skills and to gain more abilities to offer. It helps you get great tips and insights in the wide range of equipment and techniques you’ll need in a studio environment. Learn in an interactive way, right on a spot and setting with a professional model to shoot. You will learn about studio lighting, backgrounds, props and studio set-ups.

Learn in an interactive, hands-on setting with a professional model to shoot. You will learn about studio lighting, backgrounds, props and studio set-ups.

What will I need

The Studio Lighting Workshop is for people who have some basic knowledge of camera lenses, aperture, shutter speed and ISO including exposure modes. If you have never used a professional camera earlier you may want to take Beginners Workshop to speed up a process– this way you’ll get much more out of your day in the studio and it will be easier to understand work in this field of photography.

You’ll be required to bring a digital SLR or professional compact camera with full manual exposure to this workshop. If at the moment you don’t own a suitable camera we are happy to give you one for the workshop – please just let us know in advance if you are going to need equipment.

What will I learn?

About your gear

  • Introduction to the studio – when and why do photographers use a studio?
  • Studio set-up – location, equipment, budget.
  • Lighting equipment – learn all about the different equipment and technology you will need and what types of images they achieve (soft boxes, barn doors, snoots, beauty dishes, umbrellas)
  • Lighting styles – different styles are covered including hard light, soft light, spotlight, directional light etc.
  • Backgrounds – experiment with the many different types of studio backgrounds (canvas, art, paper, colors)
  • Props – explore the huge range of props which can enhance your images in the studio.
  • Accessories – play with different studio accessories – clamps, stands, arms etc.
  • Home studio – learn how to set up your very own home studio on a budget.